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Address:      MD-2005, Khisinev, Pushkin, 53 - office, V.Voda, 76 - warehouse     
Telephone:      (+373 22) 22-74-82, 22-74-81     
Fax:      (+373 22) 22-74-99     
E-mail:      titan@informbusiness.md     
Web address:      www.titan.md     
Kind of activity:      "TITAN RM" LTD the leading manufacturer of expanded polystyrene in Moldova offers one of the best thermo- sound-proof materials - POLYFOAM. Working in the market of building materials more than 10- years, we make polyfoam on technology of the best European firms. The enterprise makes expanded polystyrene of 3 marks of M 15, 25, 35, corresponding GOST 15588-86, and realizes under the lowest prices. Manufacturing of plates on the individual sizes is possible.