STE “Informbusiness”

     The software division of STE “Informbusiness” include a team for desighing and elaborating of Web-sites, named „Web-Studio”, that provide Web-services.

The "Web-Studio" offers:

     "Web-Studio" offers to you a large set of services on elaboration, designing and support of web-sites. In the rezult of the dialog with the customer we propose a type of site that will get the most profit in the respective field of affairs. After affirmation of techical task and the elaboration cost of the project, it is perform the designing and elaborating of the site, afterward we presents the final produce, that is competitive on the volume and price with analogical thematic sites.
     Usually we performs the elaboration of the multilanguage sites on english, romanian and russian. Also we can perform the elaboration in other languages: italian, french, spanish, etc.
     The other side of the "Web-Studio" activity is the amplacement and promotion of the site. It is proposed to customer the amplacement of the site on the any server in the world - on the most advantageous for customer. The promotion of the performed sites in the InterNet is a specific activity, that is looked as logical continuating of efforts to presents the produces and services of customer company to the enorme large auditorium of th InterNet users.

“Web-Studio” creates diverse types of web-sites:

     Our “Web-Studio” creates diverse types of web-sites from simple presentation site to the complex site type.
     Presentation site. The goal of the same site is spreading the information about the customer company and its trade marks. One of these sites contains the most necessary for yours clients information: the company presentation, list of produces and its prices, address, placement, etc.
     Business site. The goal of the same site is advertise and promotion of the produces and services of your company. These sites contains the catalogs of the yours company produces, with prices, characteristics, detail descriptions, design, drawing and its images.
     Informational site. The goal of the informational site is non-stop spreading of information about customer company activities to yours clients.
     Promotional site. The goal of this site is the promotion of the customer company. The site contains a dynamical promotional manerials with highlights colors.
     Online shop. The goal of this site is selling of yours produces by InterNet, automatization of the business processes. These sites contains the catalogs of the yours company produces, with prices, characteristics, detail descriptions, design, drawing and images and a system for on-line receiving and processing of buyer demands.
     InterNet portal. The goal of these sites is offering to its visitors detail information about of customer company activities. The Internet portal will offer a large possibilities to organize the selling, promotional activities and other activities concerning with marketing.

Site supporting and promotion

     The creating of the site is a important problem, but for to get a real profit from site it is necessary to activate, to make its continuos support. The support of the site presents some services during a month to renovate information on the site (adding of new materials, news refreshing, creating of new additional pages, etc), monitoring of site visiting by companies clients, also the analysis of site calling with goal to identify and prognosis of mistakes for its excluding.. These operations must be effectuated by professional specialists in elaborating and supporting of Web-sites. Specialists of our „Web-Studio” can to organize the thinks so, that the yours site will be interested and popular for the your potential clients, so, that the site will take up a high level rating in the searching engines and the site will fetch maxim possible profits. This service include also a side of publicity on InterNet (banners, contextual publicity, etc.), registering in the diverse catalogs, rating. These site promotion activity durates about 2 -3 months, but the first results will be obtained after the first month.

Site search optimization

     A whole complex of arrangements for site search optimization is oriented to aut the site in the first pages of the most popular searching engines on base of key-words assosiated wit the site. The experience show that the most of half of Internet users find the sites on the results of seaching with search engines. This fact is explicable: all the search engines was modernized its algorithms of selecting and arrangement of information, so that all the searching sites will be correspond better to users demands.
     Moreover, the results of searching are more objective then publicity on InterNet, as long as the owner of the site cannot pay for appearance on the first pages of the engines, however can optimize the structure and containing of the site. This process is named the site optimization with the goal to incease the relevance of searcing demands.

Example of sites created by “Informbusiness” Web-Studio

     Promotional site

     Business and promotional site

     Promotional site